Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a small world after all

It's always enriching to have extended time with friends bringing up kids. I've learnt quite a lot from just watching the kids themselves and from how the parents interact with them in all sorts of situations. So it's especially rewarding staying with David & Joyce who help in the upbringing of currently about 80 other little ones besides Brandon.

Thursday was a holiday so I got to follow the Kams on an off-the-beaten-road excursion with David's parents. To Brandon's delight, we managed to catch sight of quite a number of train tracks and even a real-life train! (As opposed to the many toy ones we've been playing with these past couple of days.)

We made quite a number of eating stops. At the 3rd one - a yong tau foo place in Ayer Hitam, we bumped into Gerald & his girlfriend, Mei, who were taking his mum out for the day. Heh - I had just been wishing the night before that I had thought to take a photo of them on Tuesday! It's so cool when God surprises you with things like that! =)

I spent the rest of the Kam family's day out taking shots of plants - one of my therapeutic pastimes during retreats. The most photogenic were David's mum's hibiscus... got so lost in photographing them that I didn't realize everyone else was in the car waiting for me!