Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chugging down the track

Keppel Road Railway Station, 3:34pm

I'm so loving my phone camera. =)

Anyway... had arranged with Paul earlier in the morning to pass them the Eden video at Kluang Railway station.

Elaine left me 3 mini paus, 2 post-it notes on her latest CD & an sms reminder to call Nat at her mum's place between 11:30am - 1:45pm to say goodbye to him. Checked my phone in time to make the call at 1:20pm after sieving through the 300-odd photos I had taken of the Wan family. Didn't get to hug the boys goodbye. =( Rechecked the sinaran petang schedule. Singapore-Kluang. 1530-1738. 1530=330pm.

Kempas Baru, 4:50pm.

Was glad for my new camera gadget bag with the rain cover. Still had to kidnap the Wans' black brolley that had kept me company the past few days. Caught #10 to the Railway Station. If I had waited another 10 mins, I wouldn't have needed to bring the brolley over the border. =P S$16 ticket to Kluang. Coach K1, seat 7B. Started off half hour late.

Gerald from Eden calls to let me know he'll be picking me up. I move to the seat behind 7B that doesn't face forward but I get 2 spaces to myself.

Mental & now written note to travel by train in the future. Thanks Lee Peng for the idea! =) For the umpteenth time, I love the Wans' new location! Wan straight bus ride to KTM in 20 mins! And the immigration get down-get stamped-get back into your coach-thing is much easier with the train compared to crossing over by road. You also get to experience the strange order of getting your passport checked-in by Malaysian immigration BEFORE you actually leave Singapore land.

Kulai, 5:10pm.

It's wonderful how music piped into your ears makes mundane things like waiting in line for your passport to get stamped in Woodlands seem so uplifting. Remembered those Sony Ericsson ads with the "I [SE logo]..." lines.

It's weird how some of the stamps in your passport remind you of the various times you've "departed".
Still in the seat behind 7B, 5:38pm.

Gerald messages to say he's waiting at the station. I [SE logo] my Sony Ericsson.

Kluang, 6:10pm.

Hahaha - had just spotted the other day a cover version of the Kluang railway signboard at Jaya One. So just HAVE to take a shot of the actual one. And of Gerald who kindly waits with my luggage while I goh clicking. And of the actual original railway coffee shop.

That's the last of my cybershots. I forget my phone camera to pay attention to my Kluang hosts for the couple of hours I'm there & then to my Yong Peng hosts who end up driving all the way over to get me. Note: There's no direct bus from Kluang to Yong Peng. It's Kluang - Ayer Hitam, then another bus from Ayer Hitam - Yong Peng. And the last bus leaves Ayer Hitam at 6:30pm.


Anonymous said...

who's gerald? isn't tat Z-tho happily posing 4 u? haha

the boggler said...

Gerald is one of the most gentlemanly guys I've met - and he works for Eden Community Services in Kluang. (http://www.edenkluang.blogspot.com) Yes, that's Z-tho. =)