Thursday, October 16, 2008

When you get caught between the moon...

and Abu Dhabi... I know it’s crazy... but it’s true....

Sorry – couldn’t resist following through with the song... but it IS true! =P And it WAS crazy – six and a half hours on the plane KL-AD, seven hours AD-Heathrow, and NINE HOURS in between at Abu Dhabi!!! It took me over 30 hours to get from my doorstep in PJ to my brother’s doorstep! Man, I could have reached Austin, TX in that time!! Anyway, here’s part of how I entertained myself during the 9 hours....

10 clues that you’re spending too much time in one place:

1) When you start deducing where people are walking to (eg. the restrooms) and observing how long it takes for them to walk back past you.

2) When you start to wonder if the people complaining to the airport service personnel are in the same flight as you are.

3) When you also start to wonder if you should get up and join the people complaining to the airport service personnel.

4) When you start noticing how many times different people go over to complain to the airport service personnel.

5) When you start figuring out which seats in the transit area are best for optimum leg-stretching positions.

6) When you realize you’ve done quite a bit of seat-hopping before you finally get to a seat with optimum leg-stretching opportunities.

7) When you identify the most interesting thing about the environment around you and begin to find different angles in which you can take photos of it (in Abu Dhabi Airport’s case, it was the cell-patterned walls and ceiling that merged into each other)

8) When you notice other people finding different angles in which they can take photos of the most interesting thing about the environment around them.

9) When you even have time to switch on your laptop to upload the photos you’ve taken of the most interesting thing about the environment around you.

10) When you decide you might as well write all the above down since your laptop is now switched on.

I realize I didn't give any explanation on why I had to spend 9 hours in Abu Dhabi... but hey - I wasn't really given one either! Plus I was so tired and traumatized from the whole time there that I think I'll add it on another time. If at all. =P