Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Money, money, money

Not what I'd generally be ok with as a title on my blog but it was the only thing that came to mind... partly from watching Mama Mia! for the second time on screen last night... partly from listening to Abba tunes in the car today... partly from copying over (& speed-viewing) photos from my last trip to UK (when I watched Mama Mia! on stage) onto my hdd for my brother... and mostly from running & calling around for the best exchange rates in town and being asked by 4 different people I happened to talk to whether I noticed the current rates for currencies other than what I was looking for.

Well, I didn't. But here are 4 of the best rated money changers in PJ/KL you can call:

The one in Uptown: +603 77270218
The one in Midvalley: +603 22875050
The one next to PJ Hilton: +603 79553386
The one in BU Centrepoint: +603 77223350

In the end I settled on getting my pounds sterling & euros from Centrepoint (6.19 & 4.85). Uptown rates were 6.25 & 4.84. Midvalley didn't answer and I heard they may be closed for renovation. PJ Hilton rates were 6.26 & 4.84.

The above photo was taken by Alex of me and a precious gift from Myanmar - a government-banned banknote with Bogyoke Aung San, Aung San Suu Kyi's father.

Incidentally, since I'm mentioning Alex taking photos, he & Fei Yau were actually the first 2 DUMC members I knew who owned digital still cameras that saved images on tiny memory cards (as opposed to floppy disks) and volunteered their service in our media ministry way back when I first started working on staff there.

Ok... didn't mean to make myself sound so old just then. =S

Another incidental piece of trivial information, this time related to Mama Mia!: 1st time I watched it, I noticed that one of the Abba guys, Benny Andersson, was the piano-playing Greek in the Dancing Queen sequence. Then last night I caught the other Abba guy Björn Ulvaeus, making a cameo as one of the Greek gods at the end of the encore scene. Hhaha - the thrills of having trivial visuals in the recesses of one's memory.

So there - just a few of the things flying through my head before I fly off to London tomorrow.

Oh, a less trivial thing that I've been chewing on, flew in as I mentioned "head": the anatomically-analogous difference between a spider & a starfish in organizational leadership - part of Ps Sivin's sharing this Sunday past.