Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm walking on sunshine...

...and don't it feel good! To be taking planes and being in airports without worrying about the many different stresses that come with having a cast and crutches. I actually spent some time remembering how different it was the last time I flew and relishing the fact that I was pushing my own stuff around instead of getting pushed around (in a wheelchair).

A few more images I snapped during my transit at the Hong Kong International Airport....

Was quite fascinated with the reflections all the glass windows & shiny floors provided.

Thought it interesting that there was a taxi waiting for a plane while the plane was waiting to taxi.

I spy. Also a double thing going on here.

Had to put my feet up after a while since my ankle isn't a 100% healed. Still need to wear an airbrace which praise God, fits snugly into my new pair of Rainwalkers - and I didn't even know it could when I bought it. =) Used the time to glance through the Top 10 NYC book and journal down all the things I felt thankful for in the frenzied 24 hours leading up to catching my plane in KL. Was feeling quite amazed at how God was looking into my needs and desires even to the most trivial of details. Two examples other than the roomy Rainwalkers:

1) Was wanting to get some sort of mutivitamin thing but put it down as one of the things I didn't have time to find. Without knowing this, a friend suddenly offered to bless me with a 30-day multivitamin fix the night before I left. And it even catered to my idiosyncracies like not being able to swallow pills and wanting it to be a nice fruity flavour.

2) Was also wishing for a small notepad in which I could pen down my thoughts and as I was throwing things into my luggage, my eye caught an unopened Christmas present from a cell member which only got to me a few days before. I don't know what made me stop and unwrap it but when I did I felt really watched over cause it was exactly what I was wishing for and it even had a really nice colour and texture! =)

Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven.
--James 1:17, MSG