Saturday, June 30, 2007

This Is Living

By the end of today which is also the end of the first half of the year, I would have, within the sixth month of 2007:
  • Laid my head down at 6 different homes, including 1 in Singapore and the rest in 4 different states in Malaysia.
  • Attended services in 5 different churches over the 4 Sundays in June.
  • Had 3 what I'd call properly-called-for media leaders' meetings.
  • Spent quality time with 6 old friends from MSCF days in Austin, TX; 7 media leaders froma variety of churches; my 3 cluster leaders in the Sunseekers Subzone; 3 old friends from DUMC not in PJ anymore; and 2 new friends not in Malaysia... hahaha... among others of course.
  • Helped play with, look after and absolutely enjoyed 3 sets of kids (5 in total) spanning the ages of 8 months to 5 years old for a rough total of 240 hours, and also their parents, of course - 3 pairs of good couple friends of mine who are also mentioned in the previous bullet.
  • Received 2 overseas calls from 2 people I've never met before with exciting news about the potential of what the Lord can do through media.
  • Taken countless images of Joyce & David's 3 & 4-year-old kindy students in Yong Peng including their "official" class photographs.
  • Spent 15 official hours lecturing part-time in Life College, and about 24 hours reading and marking through 48 different essay assignments.
  • Painfully selected and bought 8 original movies on DVD and 16 China-produced classic movies, also on DVD. (They are considered cover but legal versions, i think! Hey, I bought them in Singapore, okay... for SGD5 each!)
  • Played through to check through the Nepal Video both long & short plays about 10 times each.
Okay, that's enough stats from my fullest month ever! Hahha... take a wild guess at my primary personality profile & my main love language!