Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I hate to leave you but I really must say...

...goodbye wi-fi... goodbye!

I've really appreciated the time in KK. Especially my bare minimum room with maximum wi-fi!

It's been quite an eventful 3 days. Will only mention significant things that happened, otherwise it'll take too long to finish this posting.


First, I found the DVD that I pulled out from Alex & Grace's mailbox BROKEN! After all the trouble of bringing it over! The only reason why I didn't freak out completely about it was that the 9-hour journey here had kinda numbed my emotions to any subsequent surprises. Also Eric had warned me (post-boot incident) that a lot of obstacles had been popping up prior to the Fresh Fire rally, which is why I'm here in KK, by the way. One girl from Skyline even had a piece of flesh from her finger accidently sliced off while trimming name tags for the rally!

So anyway, I send an S.O.S. out to solve the broken DVD problem, and since then Kee Sitt has sent me a scrounged-down version of the video while Poh Sim has made and pos-laju-ed a copy of the DVD. Thank God for wonderful media buddies and mailing capabilities, virtual and physical!

Er... we're still on Sunday... Alice picks me up, listens to me wail a bit about my broken DVD and we have a fish noodle breakfast with Eric, Tracy and Mak.

Then Alice goes, "Hey, you're gonna be guest-video-mixing today at GCC!" Hahhaa - so I goh and guest-mix! It was fun! And a privilege to get to serve with the most active (if not the only) multicam crew in KK and also get re-acquainted with the first ever Videonics Mixer that DUMC acquired in 1998 before swapping it for a Videonics MXPro, which then got hooked to a MXPro DV, both of which got replaced by two linked Edirol V4s, which finally got switched out for our current Videotek Prodigy! Sorry - sudden gush of tech flashback - just had to release it!

Guest Photographer for the 2 images above: Alice Chong

Oop! Gotta goh work on something - continue this later!


Kee Sitt said...

Interesting ! interesting !

senorita said...

it was eventful indeed! It was completely unplanned. I didn't know u were going to be in KK same time as me!
I had lots of fun.
More to come!